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Bountiful Microschool admits students of any gender, religion, ability, race, color, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. 

Admission is open to students from age 11 to 15 residing in the Bountiful area.  

Admission to Bountiful Microschool is a selective process.  Preference is given to students whose disposition and educational abilities are aligned with the mission, values, and methods of the school.  For practical purposes, priority is also given to relatives of current Bountiful Microschool students and faculty.

Want to join Bountiful Microschool?

Do you value completed works and feedback over empty grades?

Traditional grades have largely failed as an evaluative tool and are unsuitable as a motivational tool.  At Bountiful Microschool we have students achieve great works and then provide feedback to students and parents.

Do you value goal-setting and personal accountability over top-down curriculum and assignments?

The public school system is seemingly stuck in the paradigm of State-dictated standards, 50-minute periods, and minimum "seat time".  We aim to instill our students with intrinsic, authentic motivators like a genuine love for learning and desire for personal growth.

Do you value critical thinking, practical skills, and character development over structural content?

Education isn't about learning facts that you can regurgitate for a test.  It is about finding passions, learning skills, and developing as a human being.

Do you value a lifelong love of learning, reading, and writing.

Bountiful Microschool believes that learning is its own reward.  We are not just "teachers" and "students", but a community of people who enjoy reading together and discussing ideas.

Does your student meet the criteria?

1. Live in or near Bountiful, Utah?
2. Between the ages of 11 and 15?
3. Willing to attend a "year-round" school year?

Thanks for submitting!

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